Stickers Are Widely Used In Printing

Sticky printing, simply refers to the pressure under a certain amount of ink and other substances transferred to the back of the plate by pre-coated with adhesive layer of the process of printing material surface. Stickers printing products are the following characteristics: ① widely used: not only in the food and beverage, daily sundries, household appliances, cultural and educational supplies, etc., Adhesive Printing but also used in the field of commodity circulation labels and clothing, textiles, medicine, cosmetics etc. ② easy to paste: no glue, paste and other adhesives, tear off the paste, very convenient, and the appearance of the goods without any pollution. ③ with durability: sticky firm, sticky and flexible, heat resistant to moisture, not aging. Is widely used in trademarks, signs of the field.

Stickers printing size: stickers printed mainly used for product introduction signs and other trademarks need, as a convenient trademark paste in the corresponding product, Adhesive Printing according to the different attributes and location of the product and have different sizes, the general quit Plastic printing are required to professional printing company for special customization.

The price of stickers printing varies with the specifications of the stickers.

The principle of stickers printing production is not complicated, relative to other printing products, stickers printing production process is slightly simple. In the production of stickers printed products, the first paper should be the first part of the paper feeding device) will be self-adhesive paper input to the printing part. Printing means, i.e., the printing section) to print according to the required number of colors, Adhesive Printing the printing format and the embossing method.

In the process of production of stickers printing, but also the need for other special printing devices, such as stickers printed film composite device, that is, paste the plastic part of this device can make the product after the combination of ink, increase the product The brightness can be immediately packaged factory, Adhesive Printing do not have to dry, die-cutting device: pressure cut into a variety of shapes of printed products, only the adhesive paper cut through the semi-die cutting method can be.

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